Protection against bots (click fraud)

Our specialists offer you reliable solutions to protect your advertising campaigns from unwanted bots and click fraud.

Fighting bots that distort your analytical data and waste your budget is an important part of a successful advertising strategy.

We provide your advertising with reliable protection against bots (click fraud), allowing you to focus on real customers and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Our specialists have extensive experience in protecting your advertising campaigns and know all the intricacies and nuances of ensuring optimal performance.

Solutions to increase your sales

Analysis of the current situation

We conduct a detailed analysis of your channel to identify potential bot and click fraud threats.

Price from 50000 ₽ 30000 ₽
Development and integration of protection

Based on the analysis, we develop and integrate effective methodologies and tools to protect your project.

Price from 50000 ₽ 30000 ₽
Monitoring and adaptation

We provide constant monitoring and analytics to identify new threats and adapt protection.

Price from 30000 ₽

Our specialists also optimize your promotion strategy for better results and to prevent the unwanted influence of bots and click fraud.

Price from 50000 ₽
Link Building Specialist Roman Krylov
Roman Krylov

Link building specialist

Internet marketer specializing in SEO, SMM, Email Campaigns
Mikhail Svetlov

Internet marketer specializing in SEO, SMM, Email campaigns

Technical Specialist
Vasily Ulyanov

Technical specialist

We employ cutting-edge technologies

including artificial intelligence, for in-depth analysis of data related to your protection against bots and click fraud.

Our team of professionals develops solutions that help ensure reliable protection of your page against unwanted bots and automated clicks.

We develop proprietary methodologies and operate with our own developments

Based on this analysis, we develop optimization strategies aimed at improving the reliability of your protection and preventing unwanted activity.

Refining techniques

This allows us to maintain the highest standard of quality and reliability in our services. We guarantee that your protection will be of the highest level, meeting modern security standards.



Protection against robots

When I needed to integrate protection against bots and click fraud on my website, I turned to professionals - to you. The site has become more reliable and secure, thank you!


Protection from robots

We promote clients on social networks and protection from robots and clicks has become an integral part of our strategies. Be1st  in this area has helped us make our campaigns more effective and free of fraudulent activity.

Yaroslava Virvich,

Protection against robots

I needed to protect our online campaigns from unwanted automated clicks. The specialists in protection against bots and click fraud from be1st helped us with this task. Now our advertising campaigns are more effective, and the budget is spent much more efficiently!

Would you like to ensure reliable protection?

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