Solutions to increase your sales

Comprehensive Promotion and Optimization
We optimize content, conduct channel analysis, manage contextual advertising and social media to attract a maximum number of potential subscribers to your channel.

Price starting from 50000 ₽ 30000 ₽

Competitor Analysis and Strategy Selection
We conduct competitor analysis within your niche and develop a customized promotion strategy that will make your Telegram channel popular and appealing to your audience.

Price starting from 50000 ₽ 30000 ₽

Content Management and Regular Updates
Our team will ensure the relevance of content, regularly update information in the channel, and add new materials to capture your audience's attention.

Price starting from  30000 ₽

Monitoring and Analytics
We offer activity monitoring in your Telegram channel, analysis of advertising campaign effectiveness, and regular reports so that you always know how your channel is performing and the results achieved.

Price starting from 50000 ₽

Advertising Campaigns and Viral Marketing
We create and manage advertising campaigns on Telegram and develop viral marketing content to boost the visibility of your channel and attract new subscribers.

Price starting from  70000 ₽ 50000 ₽

Support and Adaptation
We assist you in project development, making changes, and adapting the channel to the evolving needs of your business.

Cost is calculated on an individual basis.

 Backlink Specialist Roman Krylov
Roman Krylov

Backlink Specialist

Technical SEO Specialist Vasiliy Ulyanov
Vasiliy Ulyanov

Technical SEO Specialist

 SEO Data Analyst Violetta Denisova
Violetta Denisova

SEO Data Analyst

We apply neural networks for in-depth analysis of data related to your web project on Telegram.

Our team develops solutions that help optimize your Telegram channel for better results and audience engagement.

We use our own innovations 

Identify key factors influencing the growth of your Telegram channel, and we create optimization strategies aimed at improving visibility and attracting subscribers.

We rely only on proven solutions

Our team continually refines techniques and tools to achieve outstanding results in Telegram promotion.

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