Комплексное продвижение сайта. Решения для увеличения ваших продаж

Protection of websites from bots (click fraud)

We will protect you from unscrupulous competitors in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads contextual advertising

Price from
15 000 ₽ 10 000 ₽

0% commission for managing an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct

Online reputation management

We will remove negativity, post positive reviews, increase sales, and enhance customer trust
Price from
20000 ₽

One month of promotion as a gift when paying for 6 months!

Promotion on social networks

We will increase your sales through interactive engagement with customers on social media
Price from
65000 ₽

One month of promotion as a gift, when paying for annual services!

Promotion in the regions of the Russian Federation SEO

We will increase sales from the website, the number of calls, and inquiries from search engines in the regions of the Russian Federation
Price from
40 000 ₽ 35 000 ₽

The number of cities is unlimited and does not affect the cost of promotion!

Contextual advertising

We will increase the effectiveness of advertising, reduce the cost of clicks, and increase the number of calls and inquiries by protecting against click fraud and attracting the target audience
Price from
90000 ₽

No commission for managing the advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct

Technical SEO specialist Vasiliy Ulyanov
Vasiliy Ulyanov

Technical SEO specialist 

SEO Data analyst Violetta Denisova
Violetta Denisova

SEO Data analyst 

Backlinks specialist Roman Krylov
Roman Krylov

Backlinks specialist

Internet marketing specialist Michael Svetlov
Michael Svetlov

Internet marketing specialist 
СЕО, СММ, Email-campaigns

We closely monitor the development of the SEO market and use cutting-edge technologies to achieve high results in promoting your web projects.

We not only gather a vast amount of data about your site and its competitors but also apply neural networks and artificial intelligence to identify patterns and trends in user behavior and search engine algorithms.


We utilize our own developments.

We take pride in developing our own tools and software solutions based on neural networks. These solutions enable us to monitor the effectiveness of SEO strategies and provide timely enhancements and extensions.


We rely on proven solutions.

In our arsenal, we only have proven and effective SEO methods. We go beyond traditional strategies and incorporate innovations.

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